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We at Heaton Support services fully understand the diversity of our society and the people that we support. We have a diverse staff team who are trained to support in a respectful, sensitive, and cultural way. A person’s individual needs are important to us, and these will be identified during our assessment, to ensure that we can support you with all aspects of your wellbeing.

With advancing years or disability, people are unable to attend their chosen place of worship.

We will support you in maintaining your right to attend your chosen place of worship, e.g. A Muslim person may want to pray 5 times a day; A Roman Catholic may want to go to mass or confession; A Christian may want to go to church and attend the service; A Buddhist may want to chant or meditate; A Jew may want to visit his Synagogue or attend his grandsons bar-mitzvah; A person who does not have a practising faith may want to contemplate in another spiritual way.

We understand as people age, they tend to lean more towards their faith as their life is coming to an end, which can include things that they want to do or what they want to say in accordance with their religious beliefs/beliefs.

We will ensure that all staff fully understand the importance of them understanding the people they support regarding all their religious or spiritual beliefs, rituals, and that they wish to be in place at the end of their lives.

We will always provide respectful cultural support to maintain and affirm a person’s religious identity.

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