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Learning disabilities/difficulties/ acquired brain injury/autism-complex needs

The management and staff team at Heaton Support Services Ltd all believe people with a learning disability, autism, Asperger’s, or any other disability, have the same opportunities and rights to live their life like anyone else free from harm and abuse, they are entitled to the same opportunities as everyone else have the same right to be treated with dignity and respect, the same rights to opportunities that are available to everyone, as well as living a valued and satisfying life. Everyone should be able to live in their own home and be a respected and valued member of the community. Maintain relationships develop and grow their skills, receive support when they need it, and live a healthy rewarding life.

The management team and support staff, with their wealth of experience and dedication, have supported, advocated, and fought for the rights of people with learning disabilities and all other disabilities for over 60 years collectively to lead happier and productive lives. We know from years of experience of people needing support that all goals are achievable.

We at Heaton Support Services adopt a holistic approach, working with people with learning disabilities and all other disabilities. With families, social workers other service providers, clinicians, and staff, commissioners, and mental health teams.

We support people, always in a person-centred way to:

  • Maximise wellbeing and grow their independence.
  • Manage risk daily to enable you to develop
  • Support you to manage your affairs and finances in a person-centred way
  • Encourage people to access universal services and facilities in their own community and further afield.
  • Support to maximise independence
  • Develop communication, social interaction skills, by training staff in Makaton, PECS etc.
  • Improve recognition of emotions for the individual and others
  • Encourage group activity, e.g. in big soup where everyone can develop to their own level and be a winner
  • Understanding emotions through body language and presentation
  • Working with the local community and communities in the area
  • Learning how to keep safe.
  • Understanding of emotions through body language

We aim to support you from our highly qualified Learning Disability staff team, and all have Learning Disability/ Acquired Brain Injury/Complex Needs/Autism/Mental Health/Personality Disorder training and experience.

We will provide support enabling you to gain skills, grow in confidence, feel valued and respected.

We will continue to develop opportunities and work towards creating valued social roles.

We will support you to enjoy mainstream activities in the community and venues, we will make use of supported employment opportunities and volunteering roles in the community.

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