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Our Aims and Objectives

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Over the years we have witnessed a decline in how some services have been run, witnessed the devastation failing, low-cost home care was having on people and their families. Unfortunately, care has become a cost-driven industry. Local Government are driving down the cost of care to achieve budgets with the result that staff, and services are under pressure to deliver. We believe that most of the failed care is due to this downward pressure on costs. At Heaton Support Services, we don’t believe this is right, especially as peoples’ lives are at stake! Therefore, we have decided to take a totally new approach to home care for the elderly, learning disabilities and mental health. These are our aims and objectives:

  • We will not compromise care for cost. We will provide employment opportunities for dedicated and professional staff in a working environment, which promotes dignity, respect for all, equal opportunities, and fair rewards.
  • It is our policy to always listen to both the needs of our clients, and our staff, clients from the initial assessment and regularly through their time under our care, we will always actively involve our clients in ensuring that we create the right care package that meets their needs. We will support clients with varying disabilities and illnesses to be as independent as they possibly can and to be always valued.
  • To empower clients to make choices through the expression of wishes, feelings, and preferences, developing their right to self-determination.
  • To adopt a person-cantered approach, ensuring the best possible support and outcome for each client, providing a service specific to the needs of the individual, giving them a sense of permanence, security, and genuine unhurried commitment from Heaton Support Services Ltd.
  • To be sensitive to clients’ needs and expectations by encouraging their full participation and integration into the community, aiding them to develop daily living skills and activities of daily living to promote independence and choice.
  • To enable clients to have access to a wide variety of activities, both in their home and in the local community, maximising their occupational, vocational and leisure potential.
  • To accept challenging and disruptive behaviours and, as far as possible, channel these into positive avenues, and to remain committed to non-aversive methods of managing and reducing such behaviours.
  • To recognise the specific communication needs of each individual and work towards enhancing their communication abilities and develop self-expression.
  • To offer consistent, unconditional care, enabling each client to live in an environment that encourages positive relationships, mutual respect, trust, and consideration for others.

  • To accept and understand each individual client, always maintaining their dignity and self-respect.

  • To ensure clients experience success and praise, enabling the stimulation of emotional growth and the development of trusting relationships.

Our clients and staff are at the forefront of everything we do and strive to achieve, to make receiving care and working in care a happy, pleasant experience for all. The management team all started in care as support workers in various locations we saw, experienced and remember how hard it is for staff to go to work on an early shift at 08.00am to be told later in the shift you were now doing a long day as someone was sick, the worst thing we remember is not actually being asked, but it was expected that you do it, and this can be quite demoralising to the staff team, we will never put pressure on our staff to do more than they physically can do, we as a management team will pick up the slack to ensure clients’ needs are met, and staff are not put under pressure, we evidenced large staff turnover in our previous employment, which was confusing for clients as they never knew who was supporting them, therefore trust between client and staff was always hard and sometimes never developed, we will match our staff to our clients and ensure consistency.